Unique Solar Home Designs


Solar technology presents so many possibilities…and people are noticing. There’s a growing shift away from crude energy sources, such as natural gas, coal and oil; instead people are investing in sustainable, renewable energy. In fact, every three minutes, someone switches to solar. Homes that incorporate solar power no longer have to fully depend on power plants for their energy. This means that home energy costs are drastically lowered with the use of solar.

When you think of homes with solar panels, you may automatically envision huge, tacky panels from the 1990s…but that’s no longer the case. Solar power technology and all of its equipment is state-of-the art in both design and function. It’s even interesting to see how far some architects have used it in their designs throughout the globe.

Here are several incredibly unique solar homes:

1. Heliodome

Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 2.29.00 PM

Heliodome is a solar house, built in the shape of a sundial. It is located in Eastern France. Considered a bioclimatic solar house, it’s odd angle ties in with the sun’s movements—providing optimal inside temperatures during every season. Source: Reuters


2. FabLab House


FabLab House is a solar panel-covered home, designed by the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia. It is part of Europe’s first Solar Decathlon in Barcelona, Spain. This curved design is especially great for combating hot summer weather.


3. Design by Elevate Structure Inc.


Elevate Structure Inc. helps create innovative structures that combine both innovation and sustainability. They created this elevated house design to blend nature with practical home living.


4. Domespace

A peaceful and natural setting for a Domespace home

Domespace is a rotating home, designed by Patrick Marsilli. This is just one of several house models, provided by the Solaleya Company, which creates sustainable housing solutions. They blend aesthetics, functionality and energy efficiency all together. Domespace can move towards or away from the sun—it can do so both manually or automatically. Not only is this rotating feature great for generating the most solar power, but it also provides different outside views. Apparently it is also earthquake resistant and provides great wind resistance (due to it’s aerodynamic shape).


As you can see, these designs are quite…different. While you probably aren’t looking to make a dramatic architectural mark, solar can and will beautify and enhance your home both inside and out. Contact us for a free quote!




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