4 Easy Ways to Go Green at Home


There are tremendous benefits in having a solar home. Not only does it save thousands of dollars throughout the years, but it also helps make a drastic improvement on the environment. Your single solar energy system cuts back on more carbon emissions than you’d assume. Your system can help offset 178 tons of carbon over 30 years!

With a solar home solar system, you are also increasing your property value. Solar systems look great and motivate potential buys to invest more in a home with clean, renewable energy. Currently, every three minutes, someone is switching to solar power—a clear indicator of its demand.

In addition to using solar power for your home, here are additional suggestions on how you can go green at home:


1. Adjust your Thermostat Accordingly

It’s always unpleasant to be too hot or too cold in the comforts of your home…but you should be aware that however high or low you set your thermostat will directly impact your energy usage (and subsequently, your energy bill). A good inside temperature (while you are at home) is around 68 degrees; and turned down a few degrees less while you are away from home.


2. Unplug or Turn off Unused Electronics

Many people let their computers sleep, rather than shutting them off ever day. It’s nice to be able to open your laptop and automatically be able to pick up where you previously left off. But, this also uses unnecessary energy. The same is true for leaving your cellphone chargers and other electronics plugged into the outlets when they aren’t in use.

So, it’s best to unplug or turnoff any electronic devices that aren’t in use—you’ll likely also be increasing the lifespan of these devices.


3. Invest in Energy-Efficient Light Bulbs and Appliancesenergystar

ENERGY STAR certified light bulbs and appliances are the way to go. An ENERGY STAR certified light bulb uses nearly 70-90 percent less energy than a traditional light bulb; they also last 10-25 percent longer. ENERGY STAR appliances are available everywhere— for virtually any home appliance. ENERGY STAR benefits include saving up to 20 percent on your utility bill…so swap out whatever you can for items featuring the energy-efficient label.


4. Use Fragrance-Free Products

lavender-products-616444_640It’s hard to imagine that something so simple as using fragrance-free products can impact the environment. But it’s true. Many soaps, lotions and cleaners have hormones that wash off and run into our lakes, rivers and ocean. These damage the ecosystem. It may seem like such a small thing, but consider all of the people and households that use fragrance products.

It all starts with you. You have a direct roll in either improving or destroying the environment. There are so many easy things you can do to help out. Remember this: all these small things add up. Be part of the change that you’d like to see.





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