Bring Residential Solar Energy to Irving

Discover what home solar systems can mean for savings and the future of energy

Like a majority of residents in Irving, you've likely been tied to the electrical grid for all of your energy needs since you can remember. It might seem like a daunting process to step outside of the grid and put your faith in the fast-growing solar energy sector, but making the change in Irving is easier than you might think.

If you've been seriously considering installing a residential solar energy system in your home, See.Solar can steer you in the right direction. Through a network of residential solar energy system installers, See.Solar matches you with the right company in Irving.

Advantages of going solar in Irving

When you think of solar energy, or any green energy, you can already make a few reasonable assumptions about the positive environmental impact the technology has. Just one residential solar energy system can mean offsetting more than 178 tons of carbon over thirty years.

But on top of the environmental benefits associated with solar energy, there are also a slew of financial gains that can be taken advantage of as well. Take the time to see what going solar in Irving can mean for you and your financial future.

  • State Tax Incentives - Federal, statewide and local governments recognize the value of a growing solar industry. That's why solar installations of all sizes come with tax incentives. As part of the recently expanded Investment Tax Credit (ITC), residents are able to get a 30% credit with no maximum.
  • Increase in Property Value - Contrary to common belief, adding solar cells to your home actually increases the value of your property in Irving . In fact, it has been shown that buyers in the market are willing to pay more for a home that has solar cells installed.
  • Big Savings - With a solar energy system installed, you can end up saving more than $20,000 in energy expenses over the course of 20 years.

How does this all work?

Home Assessment

When you reach out to See.Solar, we'll put you in touch with a solar company within the Irving area, and they'll walk you through the rest. If you're serious about making the move to solar energy, you can expect a personal site assessment by an experienced solar technician who will take measurements of your home, and look for factors such as how much shade your home gets.

Engineering, Design, and Approval

Every residential solar cell system is unique to a home. When measurements of your home are taken, engineers will design a system that fits within the specs of your home. Once this is drawn up, the company will work with Irving officials to get approval.

Installation and Connection

Upon installation of your system, it will likely need to go through another round of approvals by Irving officials, including an inspection. From there, your solar company will work with your utility company to see how much energy you use and produce. After approval from your utility company, the solar system is in your hands.

Make a difference in Irving today. Start saving through See.Solar.