It’s Time to Improve Your Mckeesport Home with Solar Energy

It’s expensive to heat, cool and power a home. Today, the average household spends nearly $110.00 per month on home energy costs (a number that has increased by 37 percent in just the last three years). Fortunately, if you’ve had enough of soaring energy prices, there is something you can do about it in Mckeesport: switch to solar power.

Solar energy can completely transform your Mckeesport home from the inside out. Here is an alarming fact: most people spend about 7 percent of their annual income solely on home energy. Solar can save you around 40 percent of your overall energy costs. Think of all the things you can do with these savings!

Solar: an Investment in a Better Future

Clean, renewable energy is the future; and now you can get on board in Mckeesport. We’ve all depended on fossil fuels for way too long; and now the Earth is paying deeply for it. Greenhouse gases (the culprit of global warming) rose by 11 percent since 1990. The only way to reduce greenhouse emissions & save the planet is to invest in clean energy, like solar.

More people are switching to solar energy now than ever before—in fact, every three minutes, someone installs a home solar system. Last year, over half a million homes added solar systems throughout the U.S. With the solar market expanding this rapidly, it’s likely to become a primary energy source in the decades to come.

The Two Great Benefits of Solar Power

Consider solar power as having two fundamental benefits. The first benefit is that solar provides a more affordable source of energy. Why is it cheaper? Solar-powered homes are no longer fully dependent on power plants for energy. Instead, they also use power generated naturally by the sun. The second great benefit of solar power is its tremendous environmental benefits.

Can you believe that a single solar power system can offset 30 tons of carbon dioxide over the span of 30 years? It’s true.

Aesthetics and Neighborhood Curb Appeal

Okay, so the benefits of solar are impressive—you can’t deny it; but what does that mean for your house’s curb appeal? Today’s home solar systems are nothing like the huge bulk systems that you might be envisioning from the years past. New solar systems are designed with aesthetics and functionality both in mind. Sleek and fashionable, a new solar system will make your Mckeesport home more desirable.

A Government Tax Incentive to Go Green

For a limited time, homeowners can receive a 30 percent Residential Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC). The tax incentive is scheduled to end at end of this year (December 31, 2016). It’s anticipated that the Residential Solar Investment Tax Credit will be extended past this deadline, but it will likely have a reduced credit amount.

Call us today to go green and save money on solar power in Mckeesport! It’s an investment that will help save money and the planet.