Solar Energy: A Great Resource for Hawaii Homes

Right now in Hawaii, you are probably paying more for energy than you were last year, the year before, etc. You aren’t the only one dreading to open their monthly energy bill. And in the coming years, energy prices will continue to increase; there’s no stopping it. The time is now to switch to solar power. Solar can save you about 20 percent on your utility bill— a substantial amount over time that will essentially pay itself off in the end.

By 2050, solar could become the leading global source of electricity. The push away from energy-based CO2 emissions will improve a number of environmental factors.1 We need to steer away from energy sources that devastates the planet and find ways to incorporate clean energy. The technology is there…it’s a matter of using it. What can better than energy that comes from the sun? Lets use what nature already provides us! Solar is the key to cleaner, better living.

Even though solar power is currently generating only four-tenths of one percent of the energy in the U.S., the sector is growing rapidly.2 More homes and businesses are turning to solar for their energy-producing needs. Last year alone, well over half a million homes added solar in the U.S.3 As the industry continues to push forward, now is the perfect opportunity to add solar to your Hawaii home.

So you know why solar is a great option for you to consider in Hawaii, but are you worried about what it’ll do to your curb appeal? Don’t be. With numerous design enhancements in recent years, you no longer have to worry about huge, tacky solar panels impacting the beauty of your home. The designs are great; after all, solar is about enhancing your life and environment positively without negatively impacting the aesthetics.

As oil quantities continue to be depleted, energy costs will steadily rise in the years ahead. It’s important to implement eco-friendly energy sources.

Solar is our future; it’s time to embrace it. Contact us to find out more about solar energy in Hawaii.

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